What our employees have to say...

  • Robert B, Instructional Technologist:

    "I was contacted by Howard Systems about working for one of their clients, an Ivy League university.

    During the interview process, and while working on site for this university, I always had support from my recruiter and the local staff members who always responded to my questions, concerns and issues. I am very pleased with the professional level of service offered by Howard Systems. I recommend without reservation."
  • William H., Systems Engineer:

    "It is with Howard Systems that I have found my current opportunity at a great company. My recruiter worked vigorously, professionally, and promptly in managing all communications and responses, addressing any concerns I had about transitioning to his client's company.

    My experience with Howard Systems has been a very positive and successful one. I am impressed with their dedication and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend Howard Systems for any candidate seeking an opportunity in Information Technology."
  • Shashank C., WebSphere Architect:

    "Howard Systems has a committed and professional work culture. They have demonstrated on many occasions the respect and appreciation they have for their consultants.

    Everyone is willing to listen and to address any issue that arises, which further instills my faith in the Howard Systems management."
  • Fatema N., Software Engineer:

    "It has been a pleasure working with Howard Systems. Your team is professional and willing to work with people through personal issues. Recruiters and account managers are always available for advice and guidance. "
  • Matt D., Systems Architect:

    "Having worked with a myriad of contracting firms, headhunters, staffing agents and consulting firms, I networked others in the industry to work for Howard Systems.

    In the end, Howard Systems paired me with a Fortune client and a great opportunity. It took time and patience, but the team was there with excellent status updates and communication. They offered every detail in the history of the client and the expectations on my fulfillment of the role.

    I have only ever required two things in a new technology challenge, trust and communication. Howard Systems has delivered on both counts and I look forward to continuing our relationship."
  • Tom P., Systems Engineer:

    "It is such a delight to work with Howard Systems and their clients. They really care about you and your success, always providing feedback so that you can make adjustments and continue to grow and be successful.

    It is so rare to work for a consulting firm like this; in fact, in my 30 years of IT consulting Howard Systems has been the only firm that genuinely cares about their consultants. They really look out for you and that is such a refreshing change."
  • Iris T., Business Analyst :

    "Howard Systems provided me with robust insight on the project deliverables as well as their client's strategic priorities. This perspective gave me clarity from Day One and was key to the renewal of my contract."
  • Taewon K., Senior Systems Developer:

    "Working with Howard Systems has provided me with an opportunity to work with an Industry leading client on one of their most exciting projects.

    The team at Howard Systems guided me through the interview process with utmost sincerity, professionalism and a supportive attitude, which I believe was instrumental in getting the position at the client. I believe Howard Systems has helped me bring my career to that next level."
  • Harshitha K., Software Test Specialist:

    "I would like to express my gratitude and commendation to Howard Systems for their excellence as an IT consulting company. I have been continually impressed with the quality of services provided through the professionalism and commitment of their staff.

    I heartily recommend Howard Systems to everyone and do not hesitate to work with them in the future."
  • Stuart M., Social Collaboration Architect:

    "Working with Howard Systems has been a pleasure. As a contractor working remotely, I've been impressed by the ease of communication, straightforward timesheet and invoicing process, speedy payment and all-around professionalism of the team that I've worked with."
  • Santo M., Senior Application Developer:

    "I have been consulting exclusively with Howard Systems for 19 years, on a series of progressively challenging assignments. It is a testament to Howard Persky and his team, who have advised and supported me, providing the stability I needed to do my best work."
  • Anthony M., Senior Control Room Engineer:

    "The team at Howard Systems worked very closely with me through the interview process. The professionalism and supportive attitudes which Howard systems displays while your transitioning through the interview process definitely help deliver very high caliber people to the client.

    I believe Howard Systems has helped me advance my career to the next level. I'm truly & humbly thankful to Howard System for such a great opportunity."
  • Zernitra W., Software Delivery Specialist:

    "Working for and with Howard Systems is truly amazing. Over the past 20 years I have worked with several consulting firms but I have never been treated with such professionalism, support, respect and concern - and this was before the interview!

    The morning of my interview, I received a call from my recruiter offering me a ride to the interview. The drive really helped me relax and we were able to talk about the client's needs and expectations for the role.

    I am confident that I received this ideal position because of the extra attention I received. The emails and phone calls, the words of encouragement and morale boosters and the constant show of appreciation makes Howard Systems priceless in my book."


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