Candidate Referral Program

At Howard Systems, we want to reward those individuals who put their trust in our company. In our commitment to fostering long-term partnerships with our IT community, we offer a Candidate Referral program exclusively to our Consultants.

Howard Systems encourages you to refer technically talented friends, family and colleagues who are looking for their next successful opportunity. We are continually looking for talented professionals who can give our clients the competitive edge in today's technology-driven marketplace, earning among the highest rates in the industry.

Referral Reward will consist of $750 payable in cash, gift cards or professional development credits with a recognized training provider.

Referrals that result in a hire within 30 days of submittal will be eligible for an additional $250 "Quick Start" bonus.

Consultants who refer five hired candidates within a 12 month period will be eligible to receive an additional "Talent Scout" bonus of $1000 payable in cash or professional development credits.

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for a Referral Reward, referrals must be receptive to Howard Systems' recruiter outreach and interested in consulting with our clients. The successful candidate must be placed with our client within a maximum period of six months from the date of referral.

Referral Rewards will be paid in two installments; (1) a payment of $375 (cash or gift card) after the selected candidate completes 90 days of employment; and (2) a second payment of $375 (cash or gift card) after the selected candidate completes 180 days of employment.

"Quick Start" bonus of $250 will be payable in full upon the selected candidate's completion of 90 days of employment.

Should a candidate or client referral be submitted by more than one referrer, Howard Systems will grant the Referral Reward to the first referring party.

A person will be paid only one referral bonus per candidate referred to Howard Systems. However, there is no limit on the number of candidates a person can refer.

A qualifying referral is defined as not being currently in our database or having a prior working relationship with Howard Systems.

To be eligible for the $1,000 "Talent Scout" Bonus, an individual must refer any combination of five full time and hourly candidates who are all hired in a 12 month consecutive period beginning with the date of the first hire. Additionally all rules and regulations for the Referral Reward apply to this "Talent Scout" bonus. Each candidate must have satisfied 90 days of employment prior to payment of a "Talent Scout" bonus. Please allow 30 days for processing time. No partial "Talent Scout" bonuses will be given.

Any taxes levied by state and federal authorities are the responsibility of the recipient.

Referrals should be submitted to


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