Why put your career in our hands?

We know what it is like out there. Recruiters misrepresenting their opportunities, exploiting your relationships for their own business gain, disappearing after your interview. Craven middlemen who treat IT Professionals like data points applied toward their monthly volume quota.

At Howard Systems, you can leave those experiences behind. We treat our candidates with respect and strive to earn yours in return. Our recruiters are a different breed - considerate, insightful and professional at every turn.

Since 1976, Howard Systems has been a preferred partner to the IT community because we support the individual, not just their relevant set of skills. Our founder and president, Howard Persky, spent years as an educator in New York City's public schools; our VP of Operations is guided by his own experience as a social worker in the public sector. Together, they have assembled a team of exceptional consultant and client relationship managers who embody their human-focused ethos.

Where the rubber meets the road

It's one thing to say, "Our consultants are like family;" it's quite another to spend ninety minutes resolving a timing issue or to brave hurricane winds to ensure that our consultants are paid precisely on time - as our Payroll Director did during Superstorm Sandy.

Our IT specialists on assignment can focus on the task at hand, buoyed by a robust support system. And when your project is drawing to a close, we will pro-actively seek out the next opportunity, mindful of your salary and career goals.

Consistent with these core values, click below to learn more about the inalienable rights we hold to be self-evident.

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